We design learning workshops by developing an in-depth understanding of the client requirements, and the learning focus areas. We work closely with the client to jointly explore answers to questions like :  "What will the learners do differently after attending this workshop?" "What will be the change in their attitude, behaviour, habits, mental patterns, thinking processes etc.?" After all, a prescription is only as good as the diagnosis.

Once we establish a clear understanding of the focus areas of learning, then we launch into the design of the workshop. Certain principles that guide the design of any workshop are:

  • Experiential design - Workplace simulations / problems / case studies / role plays / gamification are some of the techniques used to create a relatable experience for the participants in the workshop. Then, a detailed de-brief of the experience stimulates the learning within the participants
  • Engagement - We strive for full engagement. The design tries to include different mediums like videos, discussion, theatre, reflective questioning, self reporting questionniares to create a holistic learning experience.
  • Literature review - The best books, articles, theories, research etc. on the required learning topics are studied extensively, so that the most contemporary thinking on the topic is included in the workshop. Along with the latest thinking, we also combine the ageless wisdom on that topic so participants are aware of how the thinking on that topic has evolved.
  • Continuous self-learning - We like to provide our participants with articles, book lists, websites, online resources for continued self-learning on that topic, even after the workshop is over. We believe that if we have ignited the spark for learning in our participants, then we are fulfilling our role as learning enablers.

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